Installing Peasy

There are currently four simple steps to installing Peasy. We hope in the near future to automate this process further to make it even simpler.

1. Create your domain (or subdomain)

We haven't tested Peasy in folders and subfolders yet, so it's best to start with a brand new domain or subdomain.

2. Secure your (sub)domain

Your login details will only be secure if you setup your (sub)domain for https access. See "Setting Up Encrypted (HTTPS) Access With Let's Encrypt" for (more detailed than necessary) instructions on doing this in cPanel with Reclaim Hosting and other hosts that provide Let's Encrypt support out of the box.

Update: Reclaim Hosting now secures new domains and subdomains with HTTPS by default! It's always best to double-check, but if you use Reclaim, you may be able to skip this step.

3. Download Peasy and upload it to your domain space

Download the current version of Peasy software (beta version 0.2). Then you can either unzip the contents on your computer and upload them to your space via FTP, or (recommended) upload the zip file to your space using the File Manager provided by your web host, and unzip the file into your (sub)domain's main directory.

If you downloaded the zip file from a GitHub release, that zip file contains a folder which contains the software. Upload/extract the contents of that folder to your (sub)domain's main directory.

4. Go to your domain and fill out the setup form

Once the files have been uploaded, you simply need to visit your domain in your web browser and fill out the short setup form to get started.